Family Pics 2020

I legitimately almost passed out from excitement multiple times when we went to take family pictures a couple weekends ago. It was crisp, the leaves were falling, we saw a mama moose and her TWINS crossing a river...I mean, if there was a more perfect Fall day it would be hard to imagine.

Straight, Winding Paths

There have been more than a few times this year where looking from the outside-in, I would think that we are freaking insane. The first was probably when we moved to Utah three weeks before my due date to get services for our newly-diagnosed autistic daughter. The next would be when we chose to add a troubled teenager to our already larger-than-the-American-average family. But the cake would be taken by the third moment - when we moved back to the area we started this year at after only four months of living elsewhere.

Peyton’s Journey: The Beginning

I know that this may be something that at times seems to define Peyton. But it really shouldn't and I don't believe it ever really can. Peyton is her own self. She is sweet and gentle, loving and cuddly. She has the power to soothe her dad's anxiety and soften her mama's heart that is so so close to the Spirit itself. She is inquisitive and curious, contented and joyful. As I look in her eyes, I see her intelligence and the wisdom of a Spirit that was groomed and prepared for the challenges she will experience in mortality. I love her with my whole soul and am so blessed to be called to serve her.

No Rest for the Restless: My Postpartum Healing Process (or lack thereof)

It's been almost two weeks since Peyton has joined our family and I am just now acknowledging that I have been in denial about my healing. I haven't slowed down. I have attended craft fairs, gone out to lunch, grocery shopped, taken walks, cleaned the house, decorated for Christmas...the list goes on. The problem is, …

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