2018: Our ‘Transition’ Year

As I ponder on this past year, "transition" is the word that comes to mind. Whereas 2017 was brutal and refining, 2018 has felt like a pivot away from that intensity and a step forward to what we hope will be an empowering 2019. Here are some of the biggest transitions we experienced.


The Blessings That Come Late

“Just as doctors do not de-anesthetize a patient in the midst of authorized surgery to ask him again if the surgery should be continued, so, after divine tutoring, we agreed to come here and to submit ourselves to certain experiences; it was an irrevocable decision.”

No Rest for the Restless: My Postpartum Healing Process (or lack thereof)

It's been almost two weeks since Peyton has joined our family and I am just now acknowledging that I have been in denial about my healing. I haven't slowed down. I have attended craft fairs, gone out to lunch, grocery shopped, taken walks, cleaned the house, decorated for Christmas...the list goes on. The problem is, …

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Charity Never Faileth: A New Calling

Last Wednesday, Mickayeen and I met with our new bishop for the first time. The Stake had just reorganized ward boundaries and as we had previously been in the largest ward in the Stake, we anticipated being moved to another ward. Bishop was executing his calling impeccably as he promptly scheduled get-to-know-you visits with all …

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